How to Reach Bilingual Students

Dania Santana on episode 599

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Dania Santana, author of the bilingual children’s book, Sebastian’s Game Day Surprise, and multicultural parenting expert, shares how we can reach bilingual students. She discusses the current thought on best supporting bilingual students.

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Have a conversation with one of your bilingual students and reflect on their situation based on what you’ve learned in today’s episode.

I also share some responses to a recent question about engagement with ideas from teachers.


Dania Santana – Bio As Submitted

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Dania Santana Profile – HiRes

” data-medium-file=”″ data-large-file=”″ class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-24465″ src=”″ alt=”Dania Santana Profile – HiRes” width=”300″ height=”199″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ />Dania Santana is a multicultural parenting expert who raises cultural awareness to create social change. She is also a published author and speaker on the subject of multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion.

Twitter: @DiversityUS


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